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Watch the Shooting Time

I just want to remind everyone that you need to keep an eye on your watch and be aware of the proper shooting time each day. 
Just a reminder that we need to stay above board with the AGFC regulations regarding shooting time b/c it's an easy way to get a ticket. 
Shooting time from Dec. 24-Jan 1, is 6:41 and it's 6:42 through Jan 29th.

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Thursday night the15th

I hope to see everyone at the club thursday night for an evening of hi-jinx and socializing.  I am excited to get after it after the break. Last year we had very good hunting.  I have an evening planned that you will never forget. I cannot leak any details at this time.  So come on over for good times.

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Three Rivers Famous Quotes

Please respond with some of your favorite all time quotes overheard at Three Rivers Duck Club. 
Mine include the following:
"That's not how it works."
"Nothing's sacred in this house!"
"I tell you what..."
"Oh...he's back there gettin' after it!"
"'Mokey, 'mokey, 'mokey!"
"Have you seen my duct tape?"
"All ya'll do is smoke cigarettes and play cards."
"Let's find something to blow up."
"Has anyone hunted 'the beaner' lately?" more »

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Out with a Bang..the Best Hunt I've Had Yet!

I had the best hunt I've had all year on the last day of the frst split.  Andy Bowden, Andy Garrison, Johnny Nanney and I killed 15 mallards, 7 teal, 2 gadwalls, 2 snows and 1 speck this past Sunday, Dec. 4th in the Section Two Pit.  Kota made some very nice retrieves and we all had a great time together in the field hunting on a windy and cloudy day.  We did have to be careful to lay off the hens after 4 of our first 7 mallards killed were hens.  However, we ended up having a great brace of birds. 
Respond with the best hunt you have been a party to this season.

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Gettin' After It

That's just one description I have for those of us who hunted every day the opening week (Egg, Mouse, Vern and me).  We had a great time bustin' birds in the chops.  A real highlight was the lack of the "mah-velous" shoveler.  This was by far the best opening run I have had on "big ducks" in quite while.
Write and let us all know how your opening week went.

opening weekend

There is not a single event in the year that I spend as much time planning for. I regret not being there for the fist shoot, but the afternoon shoot was picture perfect. The weather was great, the comradery was rich, the skies were full of propects, and the sunset was right on. I'm glad to be back in the fields, and glad its Three Rivers - see you in the pit.


be aware

just to let everyone know, be extra careful what you leave around the house.  i have a friend who has a club about 2 miles from us, and they had some four wheelers (quads) stolen last week.  im sure it was primarily because noone was there the week before the season but do be careful especially if you are the last person to leave the house.

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Opening Weekend Schedule

Kick off dinner Friday at 7PM at the clubhouse with discussion afterwards.

Brunch at high noon Saturday and Sunday at the clubhouse.

We are without our staple cook, Stovall Kendrick Sr. this year, so I'm looking for several volunteers to help with the brunches. That means, committing to being at the house at 10 AM. LMK if you're interested.