Why We're Here

Why We're Here

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In 1985, David Ziegler, Sr. put together a group of hunters to purchase a tract of prime green timber located in the L'Anguille River bottoms. This was to become the Lucky Ten Hunting Club. My brothers (David and Jason) and I spent high school and college years hunting this property with our father and his friends.

As we matured into young men, Dad allowed us to invite many of OUR friends. We enjoyed with our father and friends some of the best duck hunting of our lives, and some of the best hunts that Arkansas has ever offered. During those years of storied hunts, we Zieglers developed the opinion that a proper hunting club should be a place where family and friends are welcome to come and enjoy each other's company, while enjoying what our father termed the "noble pursuit" of duck hunting.

As time marched on, we longed for some field hunting opportunities to complement our green timber. In 1998, I was fortunate enough to meet Larry Reddmann, a leading Harrisburg entrepreneur and farmer who leased me two prime pits and our current club house on Highway 14, known as the Red Brick House. This marked the beginning of what was to become the Three Rivers Hunting Club of today. With Larry's expert help (he was a skillful duck hunter), from that humble beginning of two pits and a clubhouse, our club has grown to over 3,000 acres of prime duck and goose wintering habitat.

My goal for Three Rivers Hunt Club is to maintain an affordable, family and guest-friendly club with as many sporting opportunities as possible for our members. The advantage of such a club is the opportunity to hunt with a quality group of guys who have access to an unusually large amount of duck hunting real estate.

One of the big challenges for any club is good communication and hunt scheduling. Since we often have 20+ members in a season, that challenge is daunting! That's why we built this web site!

Keeping this in mind, please use our web site, the labor of love that is threeriversduckclub.com! (You're looking at a little piece of it right now!)

Use it to post anything you'd like that's pertinent to hunting or club life. Please make sure to consistently check the website for updates, utilize the available resources, and begin the habit of depending on the website for your information. Members use the private side of the site to schedule and log hunts, while we all use the public side of the site to discuss fun and useful stuff.

To those of you who've been with us for a while, THANK YOU for all you've done for Three Rivers Hunt Club over the years. To those of you who are new members, I'm looking forward to meeting your family and friends as we all enjoy what the good Lord brings down the flyway together!

call or text me at 901-351-5296

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A well written and thoughtful expression of purpose. (Which tends to indicate to me that Moo wrote it.)


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Thanks for the compliment Dan, lol!

Actually, Hunter wrote the first draft, though both Grover and I contributed to the final version. :-)