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Aerial Photos

Hey, check out the new Aerial Photos we've posted on the club's image gallery.
There are three views, and we need to fix the position of all the blinds so we can mark them on one of the map pictures. 

  1. Three Rivers Neighborhood. This shows just the immediate area surrounding the clubhouse, but with no markings on the map.
  2. Three Rivers Neighborhood. This shows all the blinds including Raccoon Bayou by Claypools.
  3. Three Rivers Clubhouse & Blinds. This view shows the immediate neighborhood with markers for the clubhouse and some of the blinds. We need finish marking this up with Terrabrowser.
  4. Three Rivers Region. This view is from pretty high up, with the intent of showing the placement of the club in relationship to the surrounding towns and landmarks.

Thanks to the USGS and Terrabrowser for the cool maps! These are more detailed than the maps freely available from Google Earth, in case you are wondering why we didn't use those... more »

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So with no mojos, now what?

Since we in Arkansas can no longer use spinning wings decoys (motorized or not), what are you gonna use to help lure in our wiley friend, Mr. C.M. Ducks?
Write and let us know what old or new gadget / techinque you plan on employing.

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FIRST Three Rivers work day 10-8-05

A great turnout and we now have the best looking lawn in Harrisburg thanks to Mr. B. Nice work, good luck with the sinuses. You won't recognize the house when you come over for the next one guys. Great work folks.

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"John May Living"

This year Johnny May is running the clubhouse decor, which ought to shape things up nicely!


Thanks Johnny, we all know it takes a lot to clean the clubhouse up right.