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hey fellas, looking forward to seeing you all and catching up. it has been really warm up here the last week or so but they are calling for highs in the 40s and lows in the low 30s for a good part of next week. today in the mail i recieved a zipo lighter in the mail with the words team spoonbill on it. as most of you know this light belongs to one andy bowden. 2 seasons ago, this lighter was given to me for safe keeping in the off seaso. i then returned the lighter to andy on openning day. now some of you may ask why is this of any concern to me. well the reason is because it is believed to be responsible for bringing the ducks down last year. more »

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Friday night - hang out at the house with pep talk and visit from Warden Larry.

Saturday 12 Noon Brunch - come hungry and expect a lot of folks with homemade breakfast food. GROUP PICTURE AFTERWARDS, so don't clean birds until after the picture has been taken.

Saturday 6:30 Supper - Chef Mike and Dave present TN hog done right with sides from Whole Hog BBQ, Fayetteville, AR.

Sunday 12 Brunch - same as Saturday.

If you don't know where all the pits are, that's OK as long as you know where your pit is located and ready for hunting opening day. Plan on making sure your pit has been bailed out dry, the decoys arranged and pit camoed properly. You'll have plenty of time to get well aquainted with the new pits Saturday afternoon as we'll be scouting them all. more »

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Check out this pic....two men I loved a lot at a place we all loved to be....we are looking very proud b/c back then the limit was two mallards! I know...hard to believe, but true.

Digital camera's are relatively CHEAP! This is a challenge to you young guys to get one and start taking some pictures this year....20 years from now you won't regret the memories! I guess its a challenge to you old guys too to start making a photographic record of your hunts...

We have the cool website to to showcase your photos....if you don't know how to get them posted, email them to me or Moo, and we can post them for you! The pictures are a great way in the off season to re-live your memories from the season past, and whet your appetite for the season to come! more »

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Today at Sam's I bought some of the greatest Chafing dishes I've ever seen for the money. They are the greatest thing since sliced bread! For those of you who don't know, they are the warming pans (sterno fuel) that keep your brunch warm (seen at fancy places like the skyway brunch at the Peabody Hotel...heehee) until you get served. Anyway, they were CHEAP and utilized the heavy duty throwaway aluminum pans that BBQ caterers use (you know the ones), so they don't LOOK like a million bucks but at least your opening day brunch of homemade eggs, bisquits, gravy, bacon, and sausage will be WARM by the time you get to it...... more »

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Hi Everybody!

Who has the inside scoop on the best price/place to buy 3 inch mags per case? Every year the search is on for the best shell at the best price and I havn't made my ballistic purchases yet...seasons getting CLOSE! Looking forward to seeing everyone...


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Good Work!

One of our most productive work days of all time. Thanks to a good turnout, great weather and everyone giving 100% effort, we were able put out decoys, camo pits(7 with 3 left) and do house repair and we are ahead of schedule with preparations for opener.

The balance left this weekend finishing the last 3 Heeb pits, removing water from the pits and final house cleanup. If you can, come over Friday night or early Sat. morning to finish prep. so we can focus on opening weekend without last minute work to complete.

Expect a GPS accurate map of all pits and opening weekend schedule soon. Let me know if I missed your checkin on attached spreadsheet for work days. more »


Hey folks, who's interested in the club putting togerther an "all-time quotes overheard at the three rivers duck club" t-shirt? It think it would be awesome.

trick or treat, smell my breath

hey boys, had an interesting hollowen this year. i spent $150.00 on 3lbs of chocolate. while out with the kids tymber decided it would be a good idea to consume the entire bowl of candy minus 3 wrapers that must have not tasted as sweet as the other 50 candy wrapers and 3lbs of chocolate that she had eaten. upon arriving at home owen noticed the empty bowl and was not very happy with his dog. tymber on the other hand was very happy, at least for the 1st few minutes. needless to say she soon started feeling a little under the weather. so off to the vet we went at 9:30pm. for alittle forced evacuation, and i was left with $150.00 of dog hurl. more »