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Hey Everybody Be Quiet

Antonio is going to make an "acceptance blog"

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Congrats to Antonio

He is 1st place! We love you Antonio!!!!!!!

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Saturday Breakfast

We will host a big gear jammer breakfast at the Highway 14 clubhouse. This breakfast is mainly designed to prep the colon for Saturday Nights Swine Party.

The Breakfast will consist of:

Bacon grease

SInce some of us are nearly forty years old we will have Lipitor and for those watching their figure.....Go somewhere else. more »

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Occupy Harrisburg

I will be hosting an Occupy Harrisburg Rally this weekend....on highway 14. We will be protesting Corporate Greed, Censorship and and and anybody with a better job or more money than us.......or something like that.....we have housing.... Be sure and wear camo....cause our rally will be a little different.

I will also apologize to Johnny may for my wickedly funny poll.....

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Front and Center TRIV clubhouse

Ok boys and girls, I will have your room assignments Saturday morning if you are staying at the main clubhouse....I don't want to hear anything about how your bursitus hurts and you need some kinda special mattress....or the toilet paper is not soft enough...or your allergies "hurt"...don't tell me about any of your special dietary needs either...Wives and daughters are always welcome at TRIV but more »

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Lost and Found

Last week while cleaning out the house i found two pairs of hearing protection. I had noticed them prior to the flood in the house and had been sitting on the dresser in the dinning/den room. I do not believe they got wet during the flood. We moved all furniture out of the den during the great clean up and I put them on a bunk bed were they stayed for two weeks. more »

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Decoy Pick Up

Some blue bloods call them Da-coys, I call them Deeecoys. Anyway, they need to be picked up asap. The farmers are ready to make repairs to the fields in order to plant the next crop. Lets be respectful to our farmers and do our job. more »

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BIG PARTY AT THE BARN behind the Hwy 14 house TONIGHT. The local will be cranken out bluegrass. As always Bring Your own Moonshine. My guest is bringing his guitar. YEEHaw

IF YOU SEE GROVER ITS HIS BDAY. He is 45, my gosh thats old.