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Question for George Washington!

Hey George!

A friend of mine (he hunts down the road from us at Kevin Reddmann's Brushy Creek Hunt Club) asked my opinion on some motion decoys:
Which would be more effective:
1) Cabela's two-bird vortex
2) Set of four Higdon pumpers more »

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Ever misplaced your keys, field bag or roboduck around the clubhouse?

This thing may be the ultimate lost & found tool!

We might need to stow it inside a zip-lock bag or one of these before using it with field gear!

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The Ultimate Camping List

It's recently come to light that there are still plenty of folks who are at a loss about what to pack when preparing for a camping trip! more »

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Make your shotgun mud-resistant?

I wonder how well this coating would keep our shotguns clean?

(Ultra Ever Dry website)

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How they do things in Texas

Boys, sometimes it's cool to see how they do things in other locales.

I just received these pics from Texan and good friend Rusty Getter, shot by Richie Getter (who is a great photographer), of them using PALM fronds as cover while hunting ducks. Crazy. more »

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Rafting the L'Anguille

When the partially-constructed Tupelo Flats boat dock floated off in yesterday's flood waters, drastic measures were required to bring it back home! (Camera work by Richard Bishop) more »