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Garden & Gun: 3rd Annual Made in the South Awards

Check out these beautiful calls by Scott Kinney of Ridgeland, Mississippi. more »

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Daddy! Let's Go Dunk Hunting!

I sure enjoyed taking my 4 year old Ben duck hunting last season! It was a magical time for both of us!

It was very satisfying to follow in my father's footsteps as I began Ben's training in the noble pursuit of waterfowl, the art of duck hunting. more »

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First Duck Pin From Delta Waterfowl

Hey Y'all, I just found out about this today!

Delta Waterfowl offers a really cool "First Duck" pin to our young hunters for the price of a photo and one letter containing an account of bagging their first duck! more »

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Duck Stamp Art - South Dakota Artist Adam Grimm Wins Federal Duck Stamp Competition

I really love duck stamp art. Here's this year's Federal Stamp, featured on Delta Waterfowl's site.
In fact, I like duck stamps so much, I just polled my wallet and found that I have seven of them there, protected by the AGFC's great waterproof licenses!

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10 Rules of Duck Hunting Etiquette!

Wow, Steve Bowman is one of the two co-authors of The Arkansas Duck Hunter's Almanac, and thanks to Bourbon & Boots, we get his rendition of Duck Hunting Etiquette!

This is a must-read for all duck hunters. Of course, he starts out with these absolutely golden common sense remarks: more »

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Savannah (A Duck Hunter's Story)

Check it out y'all! A movie about a Duck Hunter!
more »

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Question for George Washington!

Hey George!

A friend of mine (he hunts down the road from us at Kevin Reddmann's Brushy Creek Hunt Club) asked my opinion on some motion decoys:
Which would be more effective:
1) Cabela's two-bird vortex
2) Set of four Higdon pumpers more »