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It's nice having the Cache River in your back yard! - video

Nice for relifting water to Beedeville's Chuckwagon, that is!

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Sometimes, you just need a bucket truck

Preparations at Three Rivers have been proceeding at a furious pace for quite some time now! Take a look!

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Teal's-Eye-View of Beedeville Chuckwagon in Water

Hey Y'all,

Hunter has been busy!
Take a look at the water he's just relifted into Beedeville's Chuckwagon hole!

- Moo

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New Passwords Once in a While

Hey guys, we've been making some under-the-hood changes to our website lately that you probably won't notice!

One change you will notice very soon is that the site is going to begin having all users change our passwords once in a while. more »

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45,600,000 Ducks! 2012 Duck Population Numbers Highest Since 1955!!

This just in from Delta Waterfowl:
"North America's total spring duck population is the highest ever recorded, according to the annual Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey released today. more »

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More of The Great Outdoors in Memphis... The Herons of Patriot Lake

If you want to introduce your young kids to aquatic wildlife, Patriot Lake at Shelby Farms is home to lots of it!
In a recent weekend rental canoe outing there, Ben and I saw: more »

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Looking for the Great Outdoors in Memphis?

If you live in Memphis and you want to cultivate outdoorsy-ness in your young kids, take a look at the Wolf River Greenway.
In a great family outing yesterday, Ben rode his bike up and down the paved path of the Greenway while Kristy and I walked at our own pace. more »