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It's Camping Season!

Now that summer is well under way, it's a good time to prepare for camping outings by reflecting on what can be learned from leading camping-prep experts! (make your own additions in comments!) For that purpose, we bring you: more »

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What's your score on Delta Waterfowl's "Silhouette Quiz"?

Hey y'all, check out Delta Waterfowl's cool Silhouette Quiz!

Post your scores in comments, or on twitter! (or both!)


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This is Interesting! Delta Waterfowl 2012 Ultimate Raffle!!

From Delta's site:

Support Delta and have a chance to win one of these great prizes. (see pics attached to this post)

Tickets are available at a price of 1 for $100, 2 for $150, or 4 for $200. The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning!

You can order your tickets 3 ways: more »

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In case you haven't watched it lately, this is cool

Here's a little of what Rusty Getter does in the off-season... organize large-scale art shows! (and on the side I think he recycles industrial by-products into fuel... when he's not busy with that he also recycles for the whole city of Austin, Texas):

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8 out of 10? WHAT?!

No kidding, don't open this if the sight of blood makes you ill!

My poor brother Grover has done it up right once again... Apparently, while building some planter boxes he earned himself a fine tablesaw-kickback souvenir. Hunter reports that it was a piece of wood that did the damage, not the saw blade. more »

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Yes, we definitely need a few laughs this off-season!

In case some of you missed it in the twitter feed:

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Remembering Larry

Larry was a man that I feel blessed to have known... he was a man's man, a true friend, and a wise advisor who taught me a lot. He was always gracious, kind and generous to me and my whole family.
There were a lot of things about Larry I admired, and here are just a few:
- despite his years and experience, he was always ready to learn something new. more »