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Non-hunting topic alert... Does anybody have a Nest Thermostat yet?

I LOVE this Nest thermostat, or at least, I love the IDEA of it, since I don't have one yet. I've got an Ecobee. more »

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Hen Houses: Serious conservation, by duck hunters, FOR duck hunters

Well, the ducks are out of season, so it's a nice time of year to say thanks to the people who do so much to make sure our birds keep making little birds who eventually fly south to pay us a visit! more »

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Another Goose Band! Hunter & Derrek flipped a coin, and the band went to...

to Derrek Miller! Congrats Derrek!

PS: In case you want to get in on the Goose Huntin' action, contact Hunter here:

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Another Day at the Office on Behalf of the Light Goose Conservation Order

NICE work Clay & friends!!
These pics are from this morning's hunt!

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Goose Season Pics!

Thanks to Clay Kieffer for these pics of the birds he whacked over the Three Rivers Waterfowlers new goose spread!

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Sorry guys, due to an error on my part while working on the site last nite, some of you may have received several emails from our website. My apologies for the inconvenience!


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What's With All the Geese in Our Site Background?

There's this government-mandated thing called the "Light Goose Conservation Order"... It's a license to kill geese like there's no tomorrow! (and they don't even make us buy a new license!
Read more about it here:

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The Rest of the Pics from 2012 Annual Upland Hunt

My 'pologies in advance to iPhone & iPad users... since flickr can't seem to figure out how to deploy a slideshow without using flash, this won't show up for you...