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Cache River Paradise at Beedeville, Arkansas

So some of you may be wondering, "Hey! What's all this about Tupelo Flats and Three Rivers Waterfowlers guiding operations?! What about the REST of Three Rivers?"

Well, have no fear! Check out the preparations that have been in high gear at Beedeville! more »

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Gates and the Duck Ball

My 4 year old grandson Gates has keen powers of observation which sometimes lead to a correct but faulty translation on the part of the listener. A classic example of this occurred recently, following his very first duck hunt. I might add that this event took place one day after his 4th birthday. more »

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Joy: Mountain Dew Pop Culture plus Duck Hunting

Things to really love about this:
1) the flames that come out of the Dale Call's side pipes
2) Dale
3) the hilarious profusion of every species of waterfowl in North America
4) and of course, Mountain Dew.

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Brazilian Retriever: A Proper Hard-Mouthed Retrieve

I think the duck hunters in South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana need to invest in some proper retrievers like this one! Kirk Driskell, do you raise any like this? more »

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Cold Temps & Hot Ducks, Part 2

Just in case you think that ice and freezing temps can only mean birds if you're situated on a riverbank (like Beedeville), think again!

I just drove up and down Roberts Road to see the sights, and found that The Chad and his Cajun posse had ice-skated their way to North Roberts and were killing ducks after just a little ice-breaking! more »

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So Maybe You're Wondering How to Get to Beedeville?

So, some of you are no doubt reading about Beedeville and wondering how to get there (not realizing that it's already on our Club Map!)...

So, here's our recommended route: more »

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Smashing the Cache River Ducks at Beedeville AGAIN!

Well, Saturday, December 7 of 2013 was another amazing day at Beedeville!

We had an EPIC hunt in the North Chuckwagon today!


  • We had a stiff north wind most of the day, but just sunshine instead of the vicious sleet from yesterday!
  • Our primary retrievers were kids today, since the ice was too scary for dogs.
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New Schedule System Feature

Hey Guys, new feature!

When you click on a blind name on the schedule page, your browser will show you not just the location of the pit/blind on a map, but on a hybrid satellite map in the context of all the club's other map waypoints.

Go to your schedule page and just click on a couple different pit names to see this in action.