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My son became a duck hunter last Saturday at North Roberts!

Hey Guys,

Ben and I had a great Daddy & Son hunt last Saturday at North Roberts!
He has been on several duck hunts before now, but this was the hunt when he became a duck hunter.

I wrote this while still in the blind:

"My 6-year-old son Ben and I are having a great time hunting North Roberts this morning! more »

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Driving the North Farm This Afternoon

Just found a bunch of geese and ducks rafted up east of East Raybourn...

And there's a small flock of mallards sitting in East Raybourn itself...

Also found David Lee and some highly-camouflaged boys checking into the Fish Ponds!

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Brian's Collared Banded Goose!

So, here's an interesting story!

Beefy shoots this beauty of a Speck, and when he goes to retrieve it, he finds that it's wearing a huge red collar! (Photo credits to Chandler Brown... nice photo Chandler!) more »

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Got a Banded Bird? Let Us Know!

Hey Guys, if you get your hands (or camera) on a banded bird, please let us know! (right after you report it to the USGS: more »

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Flashback: Specks at the Poinsett County Harvest

Got a few photos to share of our friends the "Greater White Front Geese" (as the waterfowl-ologists call them!).

Last season had some pretty exciting activity from our itinerant population of Specks. more »

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In Case You Had Trouble With the Damage Report

Hey Guys,

If you had trouble getting the Damage Report ( to work, please try again! (That link only works when you're logged in to the website!)

We just finished tweaking and testing it some more, and it's now in working order. more »

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Where's The 2014-2015 Season Schedule? Right Here!

Hey Y'all,

We've got the schedule loaded up in our Open Season application now.

After you log in to the site, look for the "OPEN SEASON" block in the upper-left corner of the web site. Follow the "Your Name's Schedule" link to get to your schedule page. more »

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Grover's BBQ Cooker Still Needs A Name

Well, it looks like Grover's BBQ project is just about complete!

For those of you who are interested in the finer points of barbecue cooker design, check out this thread at The Smoke Ring that chronicles his whole build process! more »