Sto stakes his claim on Saturday's Free Ranger

I want North Bridge Saturday

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Loggin in your hunts

At the day of your hunt, log in and report your harvest so that we can keep a current log for folks to view. Jason has worked very hard on this function to ensure an easy and current hunt log. If you can't figure out how to do it, ask and we'll go over it with you.


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Grey Patagonia Jacket Found

We found this jacket on Wednesday, the day the Yanks left. I believe it belongs to Ben Dalman. Ben let us know if you want us to hide it or mail it to you.

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Free Ranging for Saturday

I am requesting the use of North Bridge for Saturday. I have to request it now because I can't log on to request it after 8pm tonight and no one else on our team has computer access tonight either.

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South Bridge Free Ranger??

Can we get the Free Ranger for South Bridge this Friday? Are we not already inside the two days before? Tonight at midnight would be 24 hrs before Friday?? If we can, we like to be the Free Ranger for South Bridge Friday the 24th.

Free Ranger on Thursday

We stake our claim on North Roberts (Turkey Day)

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Chase West

We are trying to add our Monday hunt to the Hunt log for Chase West. We don't see the Chase pit on the list. What should I do?

Free Ranger

I want the house pit for Tuesday.