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Guided Goose Hunts

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Three Rivers Waterfowlers
Located in Poinsett County Arkansas, Three Rivers Waterfowlers is all about having fun hunting Ducks and Geese!

Picture This:
Your gun has no plug, the e-caller is talking, the geese are coming in and you’re invisible in a GHG Ground Force layout blind hidden amongst a spread of over 500 full bodies and state-of-the-art motion decoys.
 Schedule your hunt soon, before our calendar fills up! Book your hunt for anytime between February 10th and March 31st by calling Brian Fedler at 901-568-0022!

Our Hunting Grounds:
Three Rivers Waterfowlers offers guided hunts on private land in Northeast Arkansas, in regions famous for duck and goose hunting. Three Rivers guides are experienced waterfowlers who know the terrain and will be there to assist you in all aspects of your hunt.

How to Find Three Rivers:
Shooters will stay just outside of Waldenburg, AR at the Three Rivers Lodge with all the comforts of home. All you need to bring is your clothes, gun and ammo! Just make it to the lodge and we’ll take care of the rest.
Our lodge address is: 
5986 Neil Road
Waldenburg, AR 72475 (map)

The Light Goose Conservation Order:
The conservation order is designed so hunters can reduce snow, blue and Ross' goose numbers through increased harvest. Because of the extreme need for more harvest, many waterfowl hunting regulations are relaxed during the order:

  • Hunting is allowed from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.
  • There is no daily bag limit or possession limit.
  • Hunters may use unplugged shotguns.
  • Hunters may use electric and electronic callers.
  • No federal or state waterfowl stamps are required to hunt during the conservation order.

– Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (see full regulations here)

Call Brian Fedler at 901-568-0022 to schedule your hunt!

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