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Guided Goose Hunts

Three Rivers Waterfowlers
Located in Poinsett County Arkansas, Three Rivers Waterfowlers is all about having fun hunting Ducks and Geese!

Picture This: more »

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Hear These Roberts Road Geese!

Here's a great video that lets you hear that great sound, our Poinsett County Geese!

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Speckle-Bellied Geese Are Here in Arkansas!

The Specks are here already in huge numbers! Here are just a few of them: more »

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Today at Three Rivers: Goose-Herding Retriever

Well, the goose hunting in the field between the Roberts Road airstrip and the House Pit field has been great for several days! Lots of great things have happened in this field during those hunts, and this one is especially great! (Not to mention the fact that Hunter caught it on video!) more »

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This Morning: Bustin' Geese with Three Rivers on the Goose Hunt of My Dreams!

Well, I was fortunate enough to tie into a great goose hunt this morning, courtesy of George Washington and his "Bustin' Geese" spread and Hunter's invite! Waterfowling doesn't get any finer than this! It was a dream come true for me! Also on the hunt and doing excellent calling were Jeremy "Flyin Dutchman" Cooper of SC and Lance Vines (who apparently brings a truckfull of dogs to every hunt!). more »

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Goose Hunting Right Now: Hunter, George and the Flying Dutchman Bustin' Geese!

Hunter, George Washington and The Flying Dutchman Bustin' Geese RIGHT NOW! The field they're hunting is between our Red Brick Clubhouse and Roberts Road.
So far this morning they've got 36 snows and 6 specs!
George says he and his folks have killed 340+ geese out dry fields over his goose spreads in the last 5 five days!

1:00 PM Update: 60 Snows, 6 specks! more »

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Split Season? What's that? There's no split season...

... for GEESE! Take a gander at the attached screenshot of the ARG&F 2012 schedule page for waterfowl.

Nate Tucker and his pals killed 29 geese (21 snows, 8 specks) in the house pit on the 24th!

Get after the geese!

Goose Smackdown!

We put a hurting on the geese Saturday a.m. in house pit.