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Shhhhh! This Is a Hog Prep Secret!

If you've ever wondered how the pros get their whole hog skin ready for a big cook, take a look at this! Yes, that's a straight-up cutting torch!

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My Cooker Ain't Tiny. But It Is.

I thought about all the suggestions, and considered Tiny Bomb, but moo kept raining on my parade about how the nuke's names were Fat Man and Little Boy, so I gave up on that and settled at last on Tiny. more »

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A Little BBQ Project

Large-scale grilling is one of the things I love to do besides hunting ducks.

So when the chance arose to acquire an unused propane tank a few years back, I KNEW what I had to do!! With super-welder Manuel of Waldenburg, Arkansas on board as a craftsman (he's a GREAT welder!), this project is nearing completion at last! more »

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How do you practice your wing shooting before duck season?

Here's what I'm doing this year. Now that ammo prices are out of control, this is a cheap and very satisfying way to skill up...

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Larry Reddmann

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Thunder Dan, and Pete Leonetti!

Reading the hunt logs, one can glean important information...

Congratulations to Pete Leonetti on his BANDED SPECK GOOSE, and first band on top of that!!!

Perhaps a new nick-name has been earned by the now infamous and legendary Thunder Dan Taylor...from this day hence, perhaps COOTER DAN is in order??

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North Bridge available it hunt able?

don't know if its hunt able or not, but i will not be hunting it tomorrow and have released it for the FREE RANGER! Let the 9 o'clock games begin.


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WOW and CONGRATZ to Antonio!!!!!!

Congratulations Sir!!!

WORLD Champ!!