free ranger captain

sure no problem. i'm going to bed.

free ranger captain


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Cool Website

Here is a cool website someone showed me- It tracks mallards on the flyway, and right now it shows most of them up in Yank land and several of them in Mouse's garage....

Yankee Order

Hey Yanks- I know you guys are pretty important up north, but if you could put an order in for a large snow and a side of cold weather as you come down, it would be super. It was 65 degrees here yesterday. Looking forward too seeing you guys.

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AWESOME website changes

Hey Moo,

Love the recent site changes. Especially the full width picture headers, and the pics that keep changing on it are truly spectacular. Also love the direct links to useful info direct from the homepage, the "resources" items. (schedule and teams, contact list, and soon to be hunt log). Can't wait until the daily shooting hours are available directly on the home page too!


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New Ammo!

Has anyone tried these shells before? Maybe Mac's Prairie Wings has them?


last minute needs.....

post any last minute needs, last year the club needed a microwave...we have one still collecting dust in the same spot it was last year.