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Oops, I Did It Again...(Broke Login!)

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately I just had to tweak some forgotten code in Open Season in order to enable proper access to the "All Hunts", "My Hunt Schedule" and "Log Hunts Here". Sorry!

So, if you tried to get in to see your schedule today or make a Huntlog entry, you probably couldn't get in to see those areas. (My apologies!) Try again now, everything should be up and working.

Thanks, more »

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Attention Goose Killers!

I'm anxious to find out how the Huntlog works for everyone before opening day. Hit the "Log Hunts Here" link in the Open Season block.

All you guys who have been pwning the specks, would you do me a favor and enter the hunts on the huntlog? Select "Other" from the blind list if you didn't shoot them from one of the pits listed.



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Pit Selections Reply

Hey Everyone,

I'm still wrestling a few technical details that prevent us from using the Scheduling portion of Open Season. It will be up in time for us to schedule our hunts this weekend.

In the meantime, be sure and check out the PDF version of the Schedule. more »

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And Now The POST You've All Been Waiting For!

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your patience... The schedule PDF is finally ready! Check it out in the "Resources" block.

Looking forward to seeing you all,


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Resources Links...

Hey Guys,

Since we're still tweaking a few things in Open Season, I've switched off our links to it for the next few days. As the tweaks are made, I'll be resetting all the schedule data. This means that any hunt confirmations you may have made so far will disappear and will need to be reset. more »

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Three Rivers on Google Maps & Google Earth

Marcus, here's the map info for you! (and any other club member who wants them of course! :-) more »

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Dove Hunt Pics...

Hey Guys,

I sure enjoyed our hunt on Saturday! In retrospect, as much as I enjoyed my trigger-time, I probably should have run around on foot a lot to get pics of the whole field. My apologies to those of you who were out of my zoom range! Also, I admit to getting pre-occupied with watching my nephews smoke the doves!

The best of the Saturday morning pics can be seen here.

moo more »

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What You Need on an Arkansas Dove Hunting Weekend

Many people regard the start of blue-wing season as the herald of autumn each year. However, for those who don't know what a blue-wing is, Dove Season will have to do.
In the spirit of Grover's magnificent "What You Need on a Camping Trip", we present: more »