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Hello All,

PLEASE LOG YOUR HUNTS!! I'd really like to see hunts logged even if no birds are shot. Put anything you can remember about your hunt.

Mills has generously offered his Dell laptop for public use at the TRiv house until he leaves on Monday in logging hunts and scheduling hunts. To use it, just hit the Control-Alt-Delete keys and then press return, no password required. more »

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Screencast: Hunter & Moo Demonstrate Open Season

Grover shoots barking dogs and spoons with equal aplomb... The snows take a BATH in Arkansas' special goose-smack season!

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Goose Pit has been goosed!

Hey Guys,

My understanding is that the Goose Pit is lagging behind in readiness at the moment, so as a remedy we will be giving Team 5's draw (a Free Ranger) to whichever team is scheduled to hunt the Goose Pit until it's ready.

So here's how this will have to work:

date Original Goose-Pit-Team Substitute Pit
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Open Season Scheduling Opens today!

Hey Guys,

Today at 1:00 PM CST we'll be enabling our scheduling application, Open Season. You'll be able to begin confirming your scheduled hunts immediately thereafter.

Free Ranger hunts will become available each night at 9:00 PM CST. Be sure to read the Free Ranger Rules if you have any questions. more »

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Corrected Schedule, Contact List, Aerial Map now available

Hey Guys,

Check out the "2009-2010 RESOURCES" section.

We now have PDFs available of the correct Schedule/Lodging/Teams, as well as an updated Aerial Map and a Contact List.

It sure was good to see everyone at the meeting tonight... Thanks for coming!


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10/24/Workday Pictures

Hey Guys,

You can check out the 10/24/2009 Work Day pics at more »

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Somebody just asked me,

Somebody just said to me, "I guess I’m going to join your cult. Which mac do I NEED?" He's a TRiv member, so I'm posting my reply here:

Here's the skinny on current Macs:

First of all, don't forget to look at Apple's Refurb page before you make your decision. more »