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One of my favorite closers EVER.

Thanks boys... I have to say, the final weekend of hunting this season was one of the finest I can remember.

There are a lot more banner pictures to render and post, but trying to keep track of Hunter's spleen-optional "extreme vacation" has kept me a little distracted, lol! more »

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Colorado Vacation Photos

Hello All,

Hunter has asked me to post you guys a link to the photo album he's just made of his Colorado Trip, published right from his "hotel" bed. more »

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Hearing Protection?

Last weekend I had the chance to try on a pair of Howard Leight/Bilsom Impact electronic-amping earmuffs. Unlike models I've seen before, they weren't overly bulky, and they didn't have a noisy hiss when switched on. I was shocked to find out how inexpensive they are! more »

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Thanks to Mark Kelly and Mike Johns...

Mark Kelly & Mike Johns,

One of our new guys just called and told me that you both did a lot to help him have some great hunting last weekend. Thank you!


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Please re-read this or read it for the first time if needed!

Free Ranger Guidelines

  1. When Can I Grab a Free Ranger hunt?

    If the time at the moment you're looking at the schedule page (CST) is between 9PM and midnight, all available Free Ranger hunts are up for grabs.

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Claypool Farm is Smokin Hot Tonite

Hey guys, it's been quite a thrill to observe the afternoon hunts in progress on the Claypool Farm from a vantage point within earshot of Claypool's, Airstrip, Lost and Alabama pits!

Airstrip's callers sound mighty good tonight, even in the rain...

I'm hearing shooting from all four pits, though Airstrip seems to be shooting the most, followed by Lost, then Claypool's and Bama

We'll see what th more »

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Creating your profile image...

Hey Guys, a member recently let me a voicemail about creating a proper user profile picture/thumbnail. My advice to everyone on this would be to Google these keywords: "free online picture crop" and pick one that works best for you in cropping and resizing your photo.
I just used and it seemed to work great. looks nice, too. more »

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This Just In...

So a friend who's in a club between TRiv and Waldenburg just texted me this:

"2:15 PM: piggyq: Just got a call from our farmer. Several thousand ducks sitting around in the fields right not. He claims some were even sitting in water puddles in the road by our clubhouse.
2:16 PM: piggyq: right now, that is."