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To the lumberjocks in the club...

...I know there are some of you out there... (Nacho, Grover!)

I'm hope to hear that one of you wood-shop geniuses will have put together one of these (see below) by hunting season, and will bring it for show-and-tell! :-)


Plans Here! more »

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New look for our TRiv Photo Gallery

Hey guys, our Photo Gallery( now has a new look.

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Don't bring a club to a Rocket Fight...

...especially if you're trying to mess with a farmer! more »

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Brink of Disaster

The CEO of the organization where I work sent this out recently. I thought it was worth re-printing...

Read the text below the photo 1...
then look at the photo 2 more »

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Bug Zapper for the New Millenium

I can't wait to get one of these for the back yard!!