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Gates and the Duck Ball

My 4 year old grandson Gates has keen powers of observation which sometimes lead to a correct but faulty translation on the part of the listener. A classic example of this occurred recently, following his very first duck hunt. I might add that this event took place one day after his 4th birthday. more »

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Here Comes Arkansas Duck Season: Blind-Building in the Tupelo Flats Timber!

What's Tupelo Flats?

Well, it's a little experiment that we've been carrying on with some of the longtime Three Rivers Duck Club members and some kindred souls in the local community. It's kind of a side-car club to Three Rivers. more »

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This Is Why We Hunt Ducks (and not Mooses!)

A drunk duck does much less damage than a drunk moose!
Thankfully the driver escaped unharmed... but the moose wasn't so lucky.

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So What's Delta Waterfowl All About?

Delta Waterfowl is a great organization for ducks, and a great organization for duck hunters. We at Three Rivers Duck Club have been big supporters of their work for years. more »

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Joy: Mountain Dew Pop Culture plus Duck Hunting

Things to really love about this:
1) the flames that come out of the Dale Call's side pipes
2) Dale
3) the hilarious profusion of every species of waterfowl in North America
4) and of course, Mountain Dew.

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2014-2015 Arkansas Duck & Goose Season Is Coming!

Hello Everybody!

The 2013-2014 Season was an over-the-top success for us, even in the brutal freezes! Now it's time to start looking ahead to this fall!
Now that the off-season is here, we're working to make sure Three Rivers is in good shape for next year, which begins with dues.

The dues for the 2014-2015 Hunting Season are $2,750 for all memberships purchased after February 1, 2014. more »

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What's Planted?

New to the club, just curious as to what was planted in the majority of the fields this year?

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The smartest waterfowl this Spring

Just a note to let you know that Three Rivers Waterfowlers offers Spring snow/blue goose hunts. Cold weather is ending soon and we already have good numbers of geese. Our weekends are booked but we have have some availability during the week. Call me, Beefy or Matt for details. For a quick look: more »