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New Green Timber Blind for Three Rivers Waterfowlers

Hey Guys,

We've been working like crazy on getting the club ready this season! more »

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Hear These Roberts Road Geese!

Here's a great video that lets you hear that great sound, our Poinsett County Geese!

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Speaking of Birds Showing Up

Speaking of birds showing up, here's a pair of Mallards that showed up in the PARKING LOT AT JOSIE'S on September 12th!

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Guided Arkansas Duck Hunts

We've humbly served many a sportsman (and woman!) these last 15 seasons, from Florida to Wisconsin and everywhere in between!

Hunting private land in Arkansas' famous Poinsett County, Three Rivers Waterfowlers is all about having fun hunting Ducks and Geese! Our Mission is to show waterfowl hunters a great time! more »

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Ducks and Geese

Any birds starting to show up?

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A Little BBQ Project

Large-scale grilling is one of the things I love to do besides hunting ducks.

So when the chance arose to acquire an unused propane tank a few years back, I KNEW what I had to do!! With super-welder Manuel of Waldenburg, Arkansas on board as a craftsman (he's a GREAT welder!), this project is nearing completion at last! more »

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Janica: Our New Favorite ATV!

Ok y'all, this is my favorite ATV ever. Her name is Janica!
She's not super-fast, but goes to some of my favorite places, and can do anything I ask (except swim) once we get there!