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Guys just a friendly reminder. Please clean all your birds right after the hunt! If you’re going to take a picture on the sign out front make sure they are taken down and cleaned asap.

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Just a reminder

Hey guys! Just a couple things I wanted to remind you about I know I'm guilty of some of it too. We need to do a better job filling out our hunt logs and making sure we don't leave uncleared birds lay on the cleaning table! I know we are missing a lot of birds from the hunt log please take the time to go back and repot your birds! It's very important info.

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First Band

Today the hunting wasn't the best for some of us who have been hunting for awhile. But it will be a hunt a one special young guest will remember the rest of his life! Congrats on your first band Will!

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Guided Goose Hunts

Three Rivers Waterfowlers
Located in Poinsett County Arkansas, Three Rivers Waterfowlers is all about having fun hunting Ducks and Geese!

Picture This: more »

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Great opener!

Thanks everyone for a great opener! It was awesome to see everyone have a good time and enjoy opening weekend!

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Good luck guys be safe, have fun and we will see you at breakfast!

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Following the migration

image_9.jpgimage_8.jpgimage_7.jpgimage_6.jpgAs many of you know I start my travels early in the year. more »

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