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New Green Timber Blind for Three Rivers Waterfowlers

Hey Guys,

We've been working like crazy on getting the club ready this season! more »

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Great season

I just want to thank everyone for a great 2013-2014 season. Hope everyone had a good year full of laughter, duck killing and fellowship. I truly think we have had the best group of club members to date. Can't thank you all enough for making our guest, clients and members feel welcomed and wanted at the club. With that said shoot them in the lips tomorrow and hope to see you next season more »

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The time is NOW

As you all know we have been dealing with ice and cold temps. while the hunting has been great through out this cold snap the thaw started today and things should be fairly unlocked by tomorrow afternoon! The ducks have had a shortage of food due to the ice. Once we have open water the feeding frenzy should start and the hunting could be great!!