Marked Tree 1 & 2

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Cache River Refuge

Hey Guys, if any of you want to check out public land, have a look at:

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Take all necessary precautions

Hey Yall,

Please take all necessary precautions for Covid... according to this November 17th article, infection rates our area of Arkansas are some of the highest anywhere in the US right now: more »

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2020-2021 Schedule is under review...

Hi Guys,

It's ok to play around with in the schedule, and confirm some hunts for practice.

That being said, the schedule is under review, and will be wiped and updated soon.

cyall soon,


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Good 'ole AGFC Season Post

Hey Everybody,

I'm sure yall have already seen the 2020-2021 AGFC Duck Hunting Calendar, but here it is in case you haven't yet: more »

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Arm pits good.

Arm pit is huntable again. Plz be careful pulling up to the pit. It’s one inch from the top of the blind.

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Un huntable pits

Chandler and I claimed arm pit and sugar sack since they are un huntible with the high water. I will let everyone know when they are ready to go. Plz work with us until we get the high water situation taken care of.

Opening weekend 2019

Some opening days are fun, some are great. With my A team friends and TRHC family I always now I’m gonna have fun. But this opening weekend was magical! Thank you chandler and beefy and Jackie for all your hard work during the off season. Glad to be back with my hunting peeps!