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Really cool headlight!

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Hey Yall,

I stumbled across a really cool headlamp recently that we duck hunters have more use for than most folks.

This particular model is perfect for my tastes, since it's cheap on Amazon, comes in gray and black, USB-rechargeable so it doesn't need extra batteries, and it doesn't have wires dangling off it.

It has two lights. One that's a typical flashlight beam, and it's also got a super wide beam integrated into the strap, that just lights up the whole area in front of you.

So, it's not the most powerful light in the world and it's not what I'd choose for climbing Everest or something, but it lights up the area in front of you perfectly.

Check it out if you're interested:

PS: it also has this ridiculously fun motion sensor mode, which lets you leave the light off, unless you wave your hand past the side of your head, which switches on the light