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Snappioca Pudding

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Hunt Log Updates?

I'm flabbergasted that no hunts have been logged since I left last Wednesday.

I know that folks were hunting this past week before I came over and after I left.

Please log where you hunted and what you killed.

Many of us that had to come home are wondering how the hunting is progressing.

Shifts and giggles!

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Big Props

Just wanted to give a shout out to former US President, George Washington for killing his first band today!

George shot a banded drake pintail this afternoon out of the North Roberts field.

Way to go George!



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The Report from this morning

Fellas, more »

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This is a hunt from two years ago at South Roberts.

Git er done.

Joel (who obviously can't call as near as good as Bradley)

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Great meeting last night!

It was so fun meeting all the new folks in the club.

Looking forward to an awesome season at the Riv which definitely includes smacking them wild ducks in the chops.



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I am flirting with disaster by eating a bacon sandwich right now!

Take that Swine Flu!

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This is a blog

Felt like someone needed to put something on here.

Conversation is slow on the website.

Single fellas, check out the attached photo...

Basically, a new gal's in the 'burg and she's looking for some male companionship.