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Driving the North Farm This Afternoon

Just found a bunch of geese and ducks rafted up east of East Raybourn...

And there's a small flock of mallards sitting in East Raybourn itself...

Also found David Lee and some highly-camouflaged boys checking into the Fish Ponds!

fish pond

fish pond

The day started with a beautiful sun rise and ended with alot of ducks god is good .living a blessed life

Damage Report

I wanna encourage everyone to fill out a damage report if you see something wrong even as much as low water on one side of pit I wanna be aware of it so we can get it took care of. I'm hearing to much so in so told so in so pit has water in it. Fill out a report it takes literally 2 minutes of your time. Thanks!

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Brian's Collared Banded Goose!

So, here's an interesting story!

Beefy shoots this beauty of a Speck, and when he goes to retrieve it, he finds that it's wearing a huge red collar! (Photo credits to Chandler Brown... nice photo Chandler!) more »

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Genie in a lamp

I had a genie appear last night and I wished for a million DUCKS, not bucks (Geico commercial). I think we will see improvement any day now! Merry Christmas everyone!

Puppy for Christmas

I have a customer that is wanting a lab pup for his kids for Christmas. He is going to train the dog for hunting, but it is going to be more a family pet. As such, he is not wanting to break the bank on a top bloodline. No preference on gender or color. Anyone have any ideas?