Hunting the less desirable pits

Just a thought. We need to be hunting the "other" pits with smaller groups of hunters when we can. These pits are well rested and can have some good hunts as well. Rather than piling 6 into 3 pits, let's try and put 2 in the "other" pits and see if we can put some birds on the log there as well.

Let me know what you think.


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Gettin' After It

That's just one description I have for those of us who hunted every day the opening week (Egg, Mouse, Vern and me).  We had a great time bustin' birds in the chops.  A real highlight was the lack of the "mah-velous" shoveler.  This was by far the best opening run I have had on "big ducks" in quite while.
Write and let us all know how your opening week went.

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Your Favorite Pit From Opening Week

House Pit
0% (0 votes)
South House
0% (0 votes)
Section 2
18% (3 votes)
North Bridge
12% (2 votes)
South Bridge
6% (1 vote)
South Roberts
24% (4 votes)
North Roberts
41% (7 votes)
Racoon Bayou
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 17

opening weekend

There is not a single event in the year that I spend as much time planning for. I regret not being there for the fist shoot, but the afternoon shoot was picture perfect. The weather was great, the comradery was rich, the skies were full of propects, and the sunset was right on. I'm glad to be back in the fields, and glad its Three Rivers - see you in the pit.


be aware

just to let everyone know, be extra careful what you leave around the house.  i have a friend who has a club about 2 miles from us, and they had some four wheelers (quads) stolen last week.  im sure it was primarily because noone was there the week before the season but do be careful especially if you are the last person to leave the house.

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Opening Weekend Schedule

Kick off dinner Friday at 7PM at the clubhouse with discussion afterwards.

Brunch at high noon Saturday and Sunday at the clubhouse.

We are without our staple cook, Stovall Kendrick Sr. this year, so I'm looking for several volunteers to help with the brunches. That means, committing to being at the house at 10 AM. LMK if you're interested.


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2005 Hunt Teams, Pits and Schedule

/Users/hunter/Desktop/desktop/Three Rivers 05-06 Schedule.pdf

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Spoonbill Total: 293

Spoonbill Total: 293 - Total spoonbills bagged [Bird Summary 2004-05]

I say we should this year show some more appreciate for the faithful spoons who keep some of otherwise dull hunts lively. I think I echo the sentiments of the late Chubby Andrews on that score, too.

Our club Hunt Log record shows that only the teal treated us better last season. That said, I'll be keeping an eye out for the greenheads, of course!

- moo