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Duck Feeva - Baaaaaad

Thanks to Stovall and the guys from Three Rivers, I now have a terminal illness - Duck Feeva !!! It almost killed me last week - I was runnin' around the house talkin' about my "raspy ole hen" call, and my wife thought I was bad-mouthin' her -oops !!

I am REALLY looking forward to coming back for my third year with you guys - and we are working on converting a few more Texans to Arkansas hunting ! See you for the opener - thanks for being such a great group !!

Rick Cumberland

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Work Day Schedule

Mark your calendars for being at two preseason work days and one post season work day. The week after you've done your three work days, a $200 check will be heading your way, otherwise enjoy the TP and coffee that your money will go towards at the house. I will post the work day sheet at the house and if you forget to check your name off, just email me and I'll handle. Official work days are: 10/ 21/06, 11/4/06, 11/11/06, and close down 2/10/07.

We are going to have a ball this year as we've got a great group of guys and good spots to shoot em in the lips. As usual, I will send out the schedule/team assignments by November 1st. more »

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Calling All Callers

If you think you're a great caller, come and help out. If you could use a little work, don't be shy, we're here to help. The point is, it takes years of practice and experience to be able to trick a duck into the range of your dead eye aim. Coming to these sessions will speed up your journey of becoming an excellent caller. Thanks Glenn for putting this together-HZ

October 3, 2006

Calling All Duck Hunters,

The sessions are scheduled as follows:

1) Thursday, October 26th, 5:30 PM. QUACK - The quack is the foundation of all calls, except the feed call. To be a good caller, you have to be well grounded in the basic quack. We will work on this as a group and individually. Ryan will work with those that need to get the right amount of growl or grunt into the quack. Did you know that you can tell the maturity of a duck by their quack? Next, he will teach us cadence. How fast or slow you quack has meaning to a duck. more »

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Bands Retrieved

Here's the list of the banded birds we know of that have been killed on the club this year.  If you know of more, please let us know.
Date - Location - Bird - Hunter
Nov. 20th - South Roberts - Banded Mallard Hen by Andy Bowden
Dec. 4th - North Roberts - Banded Mallard Drake by Johnny Nanney
Dec. 24th - North Roberts - Neck Collar and Leg Banded Snow Goose by Andy Bowden
Dec. 26th - North Roberts - Banded Green-Wing Teal Drake by Joel Brantley
Jan. 25h - Racoon Bayou - Banded Black Duck Drake with a $100 Reward Band by Joel Brantley
  more »

holla at a brotha

i thought i would take this moment to thank gene and moo for their work on the website.  it is nice to be able to log on and show people pictures of our great club and show hunts and stuff.  ps. who is ready to pick up decoys?  yeahaw.

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Watch the Shooting Time

I just want to remind everyone that you need to keep an eye on your watch and be aware of the proper shooting time each day. 
Just a reminder that we need to stay above board with the AGFC regulations regarding shooting time b/c it's an easy way to get a ticket. 
Shooting time from Dec. 24-Jan 1, is 6:41 and it's 6:42 through Jan 29th.

User Name and Password

If you are having any problems logging on with your user name and password, email me and I'll reset so you can use the site.

Thanks and happy hunting-Hunter

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Thursday night the15th

I hope to see everyone at the club thursday night for an evening of hi-jinx and socializing.  I am excited to get after it after the break. Last year we had very good hunting.  I have an evening planned that you will never forget. I cannot leak any details at this time.  So come on over for good times.