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What You Need on an Arkansas Dove Hunting Weekend

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Many people regard the start of blue-wing season as the herald of autumn each year. However, for those who don't know what a blue-wing is, Dove Season will have to do.
In the spirit of Grover's magnificent "What You Need on a Camping Trip", we present:

What You Need on An Arkansas Dove Hunting Weekend
by Moo

Absolutely Required:

  • A team attitude! Dove hunting is really a team sport, so come ready to root for your field pals.
  • A commitment to safety. Dove hunting is very dangerous due to LOTS of nearby hunters and low-flying birds. Some combination sunglasses/safety glasses are a good idea.
  • A commitment to upholding the law. This is just as important as in any other hunting endeavor. Also, keep in mind that just like us Duck Hunters, our local Game Wardens probably view Dove Season as a dress-rehearsal for Duck Season!
  • Your Kids! Even if they're not of shooting age yet, dove hunting is a great way to begin building anticipation for Duck Season with your kids.

Important Terms:

  • "LOW BIRD!" for when the birds fly below safe-to-shoot level
  • "JOHNNY!!! OVER YOU!!" Figure out the locations of your peeps in the field (and their names!) so you can warn them when birds fly over them from behind. Done right, a good dove hunt is like a giant pin-ball machine, and it works best when everyone helps bounce the birds around inside the field.


  • See "What You Need On A Camping Trip" by DLZ, Jr.
  • cooler & ice - get the ice cheap from those new drive-thru ice stations. There's one near the corner of Summer & Highland (611 North Highland).
  • lots of bottled water in the cooler
  • a few Snickers, almonds or granola bars for use during hunt


  • sunglasses (You don't want the sun or stray earthbound pellets getting in your eyes!)
  • FIELD STOOL or lawn chair
  • duct tape (you never know when you'll need it!)
  • field bag - needs room for camera, water bottles, shells
  • small binoculars
  • flashlight
  • dang bug repellant
  • extra $$$
  • sleeping bag (hopefully you're spending the previous nite nearby)
  • shaving kit, sinus stuff, ibuprofen, prescriptions, etc
  • pocket knives
  • mobile phone
  • multi-tool


  • broad-brimmed hat, straw preferred
  • comfy, supportive boots (breathability is a plus!)
  • lots of bandannas, preferably in good hunting colors
  • thin, wicking socks ( see Target's Merona "advanced micro technology" socks
    ankle or higher boots)
  • comfy shoes for non-field use (birk clogs, etc)
  • vest with shell pockets for quick reloads
  • long pants, cool as possible
  • shorts in case it's too dang hot!
  • extra shirts


  • dove license! (buy it online: link)
  • ear plugs
  • magazine plugs
  • primary gun with case
  • secondary gun with case
  • gun oil, cleaning supplies
  • dove shells. twice as many boxes as you "should" need (save the rest for blackbirds, etc)


  • camera
  • travel case
  • extra memory cards or film (what's that?!)
  • extra camera battery(ies), charged
  • battery charger
  • lens cleaning cloth
  • in case you're serious about taking pictures:
    • backup camera
    • field case
    • bag-size tripod. See Quantaray QSX-Digi Pro 100 Compact at Wolf, etc.
    • quick-release tripod mount
    • spare UV filter
    • Mac Laptop with appropriate accessories
    • Firewire or USB card reader

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Well, now you know! :-)


Moo, I did not know you were a Minimalist. GF


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