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The Real Opening

Sometimes a teezer is nice, but when duck season opens and ends after 10 days, you build up a lot of frustration.

The second opening is when you really feel like its here. There's no end until it's over. All of the boys reunite on Dec 7 to make it happen.

There are a few new things for this season too!

-75 dozen new decoys...thanks Beefy!! more »

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Lessons Learned

Opening weekend 2017 seemed to be here upon us just as fast as closing weekend of 2016 went away. One thing that never changes is the excitement of seeing old friends and the possibilities of making new ones from the new members coming to join our community. more »

Opening weekend three rivers duck club

Opening weekend with the club was a blast . We had a great time. Love the den. Look forward to the next hunt!

Opening Day Section Two

Brian, Dayton, Hunter Nay, and I hunted in the wind this morning and saw a few geese and teal. As usual beefy woke up with his grumpy pants on so we had to mellow him out with some snacks. This backfired when Hunter/ Dayton dropped his Little Debbie in the water. Eventually we started killing birds and beefy got better until he was ready to leave at 8:00. more »

Hole in the wall

The good news is the mosquitoes are not a problem in this wind

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The 2017-2018 Season Schedule Is Live!

Hello Everybody,

Thanks to some testing help from Bret and the Beaver Men, our schedule for the new season is now usable!

We will be going over how to use it properly in tomorrow's 7PM meeting at The Den. more »

Triple B

We had and awesome hunt this morning! My dad and I were burning with three of our buddies: Davey, Brett, and Ben. The wind was working really well for Triple B this morning. We killed a Shoveler real early this morning and then killed a teal. After a little break, the mallards started coming in around 7:30... more »

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