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Aerial View of Beedeville Water Today at Noon

Hey Y'all, here's a duck's-eye view of the water conditions at Beedeville, as of today at noon. more »

Saturday Night. BBQ

Hey guys I'm ready for BBQ. But I was thinking. Who is the fattest Hawg or Hunter

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Bridge at Beedeville

New bridge at beedeville take this little short walk to the Larry and get some excersize and don't wae the ducks

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Important: Opening Weekend Meeting and Big Pig Party!

Each year, duck season at Three Rivers Duck Club starts off with a bang! We lead with our pre-season meeting and follow it up with a seriously awesome BBQ party! more »

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Where's The 2014-2015 Season Schedule? Right Here!

Hey Y'all,

We've got the schedule loaded up in our Open Season application now.

After you log in to the site, look for the "OPEN SEASON" block in the upper-left corner of the web site. Follow the "Your Name's Schedule" link to get to your schedule page. more »

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My Cooker Ain't Tiny. But It Is.

I thought about all the suggestions, and considered Tiny Bomb, but moo kept raining on my parade about how the nuke's names were Fat Man and Little Boy, so I gave up on that and settled at last on Tiny. more »

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Cant get here fast enough

My blind bag is packed, gun is cleaned, decoys are rigged, and I have been driving my wife crazy practicing my calling in the living room. Super pumped, see yall in a couple of weeks.

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North Roberts Birds

Looks like the birds have reached Section Two! They must be running south to keep ahead of Beefy!
Here they are today at North Roberts: more »