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Bird census / log

Out of curiosity, who logs in the hunts and tallies related to the waterfowl decimation doled out by Mr. George Washington and / or Antonio?? IF we are missing any portion of their info, our numbers are WAY WAY off.

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Missing items

I am missing 2 pairs of waders and one very sexy camo shell from the HB. The camo jacket is very stylish and, frankly, gay-so if you are wearing it and don't have a camera in the blind then folks are going to wonder...because...see...I DO have a camera and people just assume...well...just call me...oh my...

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First of all, allow me to say that it was Greg Holley that introduced a 5 syllable word to our coveted website...but let me say this...If there are indeed 3 hermaphrodites that have decided to make TRIV their home base then we have to ask what kind of establishment are we running here? Is this just the tip of the hermaphrodite iceberg? I'll speak with HR about what we can and cannot say. more »

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Safety checks

Have a great year guys...above all be the first in your pit to do random safety checks and keep those muzzles out of the blind...wear your ear plugs (got my left one blown out last year!) ya'll

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He's BAaack

Hunter calls me this morning and the first thing out of his mouth is "I wish you had your video camera."

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Shooting Blanks...

As several of you know all I do is shoot video (Some of you have asked pointblank if I'm gay...and I'm not...although I consider Merle to be rather sexy). Let's just say that the "shooting" has been a bit sparse this year...and that's true for me as well, but only by the luck of the draw. There has been plenty of waterfowl approach / execution but I just wasn't there. more »

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According to Merle Haggard all but 3 blinds are under water as of 3 PM today...we need to know where things stand from our troops on the ground

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First Big Push?

The front has just come through Dallas and has some real's bizness time