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Antonio Jones center stage at World Championships

I checked this link and it looks good for live video streaming in Stuttgart, 2 PM Saturday:

Go Antonio!!

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Jun Kang Takes on TRIV

I wanted to let you all know that I am bringing in for the opener, Jun Kang (pronounced June). Jun is a terrific filmmaker who has quite a background. He will be staying with us at the new lodge (he has been prepped / forewarned as much as possible) and will accompany us on several hunts as well as Josie's and the Saturday night party. more »

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My new bunkmate

Moo is my new bunkmate, and I'm in a quandary. After all, we've had a 5-year unrequited love affair and now we'll be sleeping beside each other on the "bottom" bunk level. Where will this lead?

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I'm old...

stupid is as stupid does...I BELIEVE the pic is here now

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George Washington and tongues

This is the pic I was reffering to when i mentioned the George Washington prize...

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Mucho amor...

First of all, I want to say that I love all you sorry bastards and I hate it when I am closed off from being there, especially when it has to do with business or personal issues back on the home front. We all experience some level of that and the website is a wonderful tool to remain involved (even though we are NOT) with all the sordid behavior and duck mania that is occurring on a daily basis. more »

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Where do I belong?

Sitting here at one of my favorite Dallas lunch places in the middle of ALL that entails (emphasis on the tails part) wishing I was with you ugly SOB's on the rice prairie...all my love

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George-where were you on New Years eve??