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The Real Opening

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By (Curt Beavers) -


Sometimes a teezer is nice, but when duck season opens and ends after 10 days, you build up a lot of frustration.

The second opening is when you really feel like its here. There's no end until it's over. All of the boys reunite on Dec 7 to make it happen.

There are a few new things for this season too!

-75 dozen new decoys...thanks Beefy!!
-3 new holes (Section 2, Fisher's Finest, & No Excuses)
-Traeger grill (with FIRE > Clint) for more meals together at the lodge (maybe the best times of the season)
-Mud or no mud for Beefy's shiny new ranger
-a chef? Kurt can whoop up some fine biscuits at 4 AM!!!

Can't wait to see everybody on Thursday!