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Bella-banker puppy's are here.

Hey guys Bella's puppy's are here! Born feb 9 2015. Great papers out of 2 great dogs. I have 1 female and 3 males left unclaimed $700 they are going quick

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For sale or trade

I have an xl travel-aire brand plastic dog carrier that retails for 115 new. It is to big for my kennel cover I want to trade for a large plactic carrier or sell for 50 dollars. Either works.

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Float ur hat here!!!

Hey guys just left the north farm shop and w Rayburn are officially under water!!!

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300 dollar bass pro card!!!!

My sister is selling raffle tickets for her trap team. They are raffling a 300 bass pro gift card. Tickets are 5 dollars a piece or 5 for 20 dollars. Drawing dec 19 let me know! Jeb Bradley 901-483-0207

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Hey guys we hunted the chuckwagon the other day and was just gona let everybody know I have seen many people get stuck and heard several people say the same thing. The road has getting very bad and has some deep ruts and isn't for the average " John Blair grocery getters" four wheelers. If some one goes out there before us I left a mojo pole leaning against the blind. more »

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Sun 12-23-12

Hey guys we got a computer glitch again. I tried to contact moo and let him know but we picked up clay pools in free ranger and now it has kicked us off and won't let us back on it or anyone else. So we are going to hunt it cause we got it fare and square in free ranger. Merry Xmas

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In am

Im comming tomorrow afternoon. Lost will be open in am

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Brick house dishwasher

DON'T use the dishwasher till further notice. Last time we tried to use it smoked the house up! We have it on the list to be fixed but don't use till further notice